The City of Coupland is a Type B General-law Municipality under Sec. 5.002 of the State of Texas Local Government Code. The only regular services offered by the City at this time are road maintenance and administration of its Subdivision Ordinance. Tax assessment and collection is done by Williamson County by agreement. Occasional special projects and actions in response to citizen inquiries are likely to continue to occur. The City shares a small office space with Williamson County Emergency Services District #10 in the Coupland Fire Station but does not maintain regular office hours. There is a Mayor, five Aldermen, and a City Secretary who was appointed by the City Council. All positions are voluntary and unpaid. The office of Marshal was abolished by ordinance shortly after the formation of the initial City Council. The primary constituents of the City are persons residing within the city limits. A secondary constituency are persons residing within the Extra-territorial jurisdiction of the City.